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snTribes Benefits

How will snTribes benefit Telcos and Mobile Network Operators?

Qmani Analytics through the snTribes solution, provides MNOs with the tool to precisely target communications to Tribes (interconnected groups) rather than just individuals to achieve its most pressing and forward looking activities:

  • Generation of Additional Subscribers
  • Increasing ARPU across the Subscriber base
  • Customer Retention - Churn Reduction
  • Adding New Premium Revenue Streams – Third Party Advertising

Qmani Analytics takes customer communication and marketing penetration capabilities for Mobile Network Operators to a new dimension through snTribes Solution.

snTribes Solution enables the MNO to expand its customer and marketing analytics beyond the individual subscriber to inter-connected groups, or Tribes, within its subscriber base.

People, old and young generally do not make their way through life purely as an individual without interaction with others. They are connected to Tribes, whether the Tribe be family, family and friends, or family, friends and colleagues. The snTribes Solution identifies these Tribes, by what actually constitutes a relationship; two way communication.

Once the snTribes Solution has identified the Naturally Formed Tribes (groups) within the MNOs subscriber base, it takes customer base analytics a long way beyond traditional segmentation by identifying the most “inter-connected” members of these Tribes, by frequency and reach of communication within the Tribe. These “inter-connected” Tribe members are the “Key or Peer Influencers” within each Tribe.

“Tribes are driven to change by the influence of a limited number of key individuals (influencers) and evolve over time based on ongoing interactions.”

snTribes Solution analyses peer-to-peer data, e.g. Call Data Records (CDRs), to identify the Tribes and Key Influencers within the subscriber base, it also identifies the Off-Net members within each Tribe. Identification of Tribes with a majority of Off Net subscribers gives the MNO the ability to focus “Friends and Family”, “Member get Member” type campaigns to the “Key Influencers” of these Tribes.