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Product Development

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Product Development

Qmani Pty Ltd develops, owns and operates enterprise mobile data solutions for Corporate, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Government, Local Government, Telcos, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Service Providers. Utilizing its good understanding of the telco industry, Qmani Analytics Pty Ltd was founded to explore the full potential of advanced marketing analytics of snTribes SNA solution for use, especially in MNOs.

Qmani Analytics focussed on developing how the customised snTribes SNA solution can be used effectively for MNOs marketing and retention objectives and more importantly how TribeFinder can be fully supported in an MNO environment via proven Service Delivery models to generate analysis, reports and outputs.

Qmani Analytics can now commercially provide the snTribe SNA solution to MNOs in various fully supported Service Delivery models.