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Services and Products

Qmani Analytics has key consultants with strong telco industry skillsets and also a good experience in using Social Network Analysis (SNA) for the telco environment. The use of SNA and the associated Social Influence Marketing is a subject that has been researched by academics for over a century, and currently generates masses of theoretical research papers and is a very hot topic on internet blogs globally. Qmani Analytics key consultants will assist MNOs to effectively utilise and maximise the use of SNA, Social Influence Marketing and other related aspects. The application of theory and discussion into a MNO’s marketing investment requires knowledge, experience, skill sets and a clear setting of goals and objectives, and Qmani Analytics key consultants takes a collaborative approach with all clients to ensure:

  • A clear understanding on the part of the MNO Business Intelligence and Marketing Groups;
  • The MNO’s key personnel obtain a clear understanding of how to utilise SNA, Social Network Analysis and other related aspects;
  • The maximum return on investment is achieved; and
  • The clearest picture and understanding of the MNOs subscriber base.

In this manner, the effective use of Social Network Analysis parameters is targeted for the MNO’s environment as no two MNOs are alike. MNOs need to avoid using Social Network Analysis pure computations that are not customised to the MNO’s environment as the results obtained will not be suitable or even detrimental when applied to programs or campaigns.

Qmani Analytics snTribes SNA solution provides Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with the tool to precisely target its communications to Tribes rather than just individuals to achieve its most pressing and forward looking activities:

  • Generation of Additional Subscribers
  • Increasing ARPU across the client base
  • Customer Retention (Churn reduction)
  • Adding New Premium Revenue Streams

Qmani Analytics takes customer communication and marketing penetration capabilities for Mobile Network Operators to a new dimension through TribeFinder.

The snTribes SNA solution enables the MNO to expand its customer and marketing analytics beyond the individual subscriber to inter-connected groups, or Tribes, within its subscriber base.

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Service Delivery Model

The Service Delivery Model provides flexibility to MNOs and takes into account their requirements in terms of processing requirements, integration to databases or data warehouse, and security.

Two Service Delivery models are supported and if required, a customized solution can be provided upon request from the MNO.

The Service Delivery Models are:

  • Hosted Service
  • MNO In-House Processing