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What is snTribes?

What is snTribes?

Qmani Analytics provides Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) the ability to analyse their respective client base in a way that has never been available for Social Network Analysis by utilising the snTribes Solution. The snTribes Solution analysis, reports and output capabilities take customer insight to a new dimension, i.e. to the Tribe. The Tribe is a Naturally Formed Social Network, a group of individuals with an historical relationship. snTribes Solution assesses the depth and strength of these relationships through frequency and reach of communication and these measures are used to effectively support the MNO’s business objectives, e.g. campaigns, churn reduction, customer service and loyalty programs.

A Tribe is a group of inter-connected individuals within the client base of a Mobile Network Operator, each Mobile Network Operator has literally millions of these inter-connected Tribes within its client base, and snTribes Solution is unique in its ability to identify, access and measure these Tribes.

snTribes Solution takes marketing that accesses and employs, peer influence and viral spread from an academic “theory” to a scientific reality by identifying not only the Tribes, but most importantly the “Key or Peer Influencers” by communications frequency and reach within each Tribe.

Qmani Analytics collaborative approach and methodology goes beyond simple identification of appropriate targets and their respective Tribe’s Members, Qmani Analytics recognises this analysis is new to the MNO’s and therefore works with the MNO to:

  • Incorporate CRM information into target selection
  • Apply the snTribes five unique analysis models for each campaign to ensure strongest results
  • Feed campaign results back into snTribes for:
    • Actual results measurement; and
    • Based on empirical data of that MNO’s subscriber base Social Influence Marketing (SIM) indices for:
      • Direct and Indirect Viral Influence;
      • Influence Probability; and
      • Viral Influence Time Frames.

These models and indices provide the MNO with an excellent set of predictive models for future Social Influence Marketing based on the actual service take up rates of that MNO’s Subscriber base.

Qmani Analytics strongly believe that by 2015, it will be inconceivable that a Mobile Network Operator will undertake a marketing campaign without an understanding of the Social Influence Indices of its client base to gain maximum campaign coverage and subsequent penetration.